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Sarthak Khurana 🔮
Sarthak Khurana 🔮

Hey there 🤙 I'm creating Meta Blocks along with my brother Shivek.

What do I do at Meta Blocks?

My responsibilities include leading marketing, partnerships and community growth & management.


I've been working in the marketing space for almost 5 years with a focus on growth hacking. I started out my journey in the gaming media sector where I scaled and optimized media and content to reach millions of consumers. From there, I went on bootstrap my own start-up, Trigger Two Entertainment, where I partnered with AAA studios like Ubisoft, WB, CD Projekt Red, Rockstar and Sony.

In early 2021, I joined prePO, a DeFi protocol that lets users invest in Pre IPO companies like SpaceX. As the first marketing hire and a community and marketing specialist, I scaled the community and engagement by 10929%.

I'm 20 and I dropped out after high school to work full time in the blockchain industry.

Contact me

The best way to reach out to me is on Twitter. You can also drop a line at Meta Block's Twitter and Discord to reach me.

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