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Shivek Khurana 🍀
Shivek Khurana 🍀

Hello 👋🏼 Nice to see you here! I'm creating Meta Blocks with my brother Sarthak.

What I do at Meta Blocks?

My responsibilities include building and managing the team, the product, our positioning and digital growth. I also keep pestering Sarthak with marketing ideas.


I've been working in the tech space for almost 10 years. In the past I built cybersecurity and insurance products for the Scandinavian and Brazilian markets reaching over 3 million users. Also a data-analysis and recommendation system handling over 10million users for a large mobile network in the UK.

I have first hand experience of scaling SaaS products from a few thousand to a few million users.

As a core contributor at Status I help build the mobile app that has over a million downloads on the Play store. I'm also an advisor for product and digital growth at SkillsTrainer - worlds largest vocational skilling platform with over 1.2 million registered users.

Contact me

I'm fairly active on twitter and discord if you'd like to talk.

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