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NFT White Listing Made Easy with Raid to WL: A Success Story

How 3moji Gained Over 5k Organic Followers and Discord Members with our Raid to WL

Sarthak Khurana 🔮
April 21, 2023

The world of NFTs is rapidly evolving. It is quintessential for new and upcoming projects to hand out white lists or WL to the community in order to get into the limelight and insure that the project sells out.

Gone are the days when a good old public mint would sell out. However, the traditional process of obtaining a WL spot, often known as the WL grind, can be complicated, time-consuming, and not always accessible to everyone. What's worse is that it's not only harming the community but also the resources of the team behind the project. Collabs, art contests, puzzles, etc are some of the most inefficient ways of going about WL collabs.

A new NFT whitelisting tool is changing the game. By leveraging the power of social media, our Raid to WL tool enables users to get on the white list simply by engaging with the NFT project's Twitter account.

In this article, we will explore the Raid to WL tool, and its features, compare it with traditional methods, and how it is simplifying the WL grind for NFT enthusiasts.


  • Meta Blocks' new NFT whitelisting tool called Raid to WL is simplifying the traditional whitelisting process for NFT enthusiasts by leveraging the power of social media.
  • By engaging with an NFT project's Twitter account, users can easily get on the whitelist.
  • The Raid to WL tool has caught fire and gained close to 4,000 new followers and Discord members within a week of launching in our case study project
  • It reduces the acquisition cost of a project by up to 97% while increasing the quality of new community members.
  • The tool costs $100 for the pre-mint lifetime of a project, which is significantly lower than the average cost of traditional whitelisting methods.

Prelude: The world before Raid to WL

At the beginning of fall 2022, our partner project 3moji started its marketing. Following the meta of the time, they went the trodden and proven path, hired a collab manager who distributed WLs to alpha groups, and worked with influencers who raffled WL spots to the project for a hefty fee.

However, 3moji quickly realized that both of the methods had two very similar problems. Firstly, most of the people who got the WLs via collaborations or influencers were not engaged. In fact, 3moji's post-mint core community has no one that came from collaborations or influencers. The traffic coming from such sources is usually looking for a quick flip and would make their exit even at a $5-$10 profit.

The second thing 3moji realized was the fact that the acquisition cost was too high. An average collab manager costs anywhere between $150-$400 a month, depending on their experience, and an influencer can charge anywhere from $50 all the way up to $500 for a single Twitter post. Considering the unengaged traffic that these sources were bringing in, the cost was not justified.

On the other hand, those who are genuinely interested in the project, but don't have the time to grind for WL, are left on the outskirts.

Enter Raid to WL tool

When we realized this problem with our partner project, we were tasked to come up with a tool to distribute WL at a fraction of the cost, increase engagement at the same time and lastly, reduce barriers to entry, aka the WL grind.

We wanted to build something that'd do all of the above, plus have a virality effect that's chased by every NFT project.

We decided to build a platform that we called Raid to WL. The idea was simple, people would come to our dashboard. Coming to our dashboard was the first victory for us because that explained about the project to them, and they were invested in it like never before.

The next step was to connect their Twitter and Discord and grant us permission to Tweet on their behalf. Keeping consent in mind, we clearly stated we'd use the permissions to like 5 tweets and quote RT one of 3moji's Tweets. Once the permission was granted, we linked and retweeted on their behalf.

We made sure to propagate the idea of Raid to WL on our Twitter with our pinned post. Here is one of the few posts that we used for quote RT

Notice carefully that added a link to our dashboard, where anyone could claim their WL. Once it was retweeted by an individual, it was seen by everyone who was following them, thus creating a network effect.

The Results of our Raid to WL Tool

Our gamble was right, the network effect worked and our Raid to WL tool caught fire. We did absolutely no alpha or influencer marketing for the tool, just a simple Tweet on our Twitter and asked a few of our friends to use the tool. The results were astonishing!

Within the first 15 mins, we got 100 new followers + Discord members.

Within the first hour, we got almost 500 new followers + Discord members.

Within a week of launching the Raid to WL tool, we gained close to 4000 new followers and Discord members.

The Riad to WL tool was a huge success. It significantly brought down the acquisition cost of 3moji, while increasing the quality of the new community members pouring in, since they had been to 3moji's and knew what 3moji was building.

Raid to WL Tool for Your Project

Once we knew Raid to WL was a success, we knew we had to give it out to other projects too! Let's be honest, the collab, application, and grind meta is getting too old and inviting flippers.

The Raid to WL tool is free to use for the first 250 sign-ups, followed by a small life time cost.

Let's compare that cost to the average cost of a typical WL distribution method.

Considering you hire 2 collab managers, each costing approximately $350 a month, for 2 months, and you use 10 influencers to promote your NFT project, each costing around $200, the total lands in the vicinity of $3400.

If you plan to sell around 5000 NFTs, which is above average collection size, you'll be spending around $0.68 per acquisition.


However, if you use the Raid to WL tool, you'll be spending just $0.02 per acquisition, a staggering 97% less than the traditional methods. Not to mention the fact the users you acquire via Raid to WL are much more engaged.

If you'd like to use Meta Block's Raid to WL tool, then book a free consultation call with us or drop us an email at [email protected], including the website and social links of your project.

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