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Introducing Meta Blocks: The NFT Evolution Protocol

Sarthak Khurana 🔮
November 10, 2021

NFTs took over the world by storm earlier this year. The booming bull market was the perfect incubator to test out the concept of digital ownership.

However, there’s a huge problem with the existing NFT model. As bizarre as each ape is, as quirky as every punk is or as zany as every other NFT project is, most of them have no utility post minting.

Once there’s a liquidity crunch, the NFT space will witness one of the biggest rug pulls caused by market forces. Leaving aside a handful of the top projects, the rest of the NFT investors will be left ‘in it for the art.’

The growing interest and development of Metaverse has paved a path for NFTs to grow beyond “collectibles” and turn into one’s digital identity. Facebook and Microsoft’s debut Metaverses have attracted the non-crypto community to the vision of Metaverse.

However, as soon as the web2 wetaverses make a debut, people will realise the privacy issues that come with the vision of tracking all human data. Web3 projects have been historically mimicking web2 ideas on chain, but with the vision of metaverse, web3 has the chance to go head-to-head with web2.

Unfortunately, the current NFT structure does not support this. That’s where Meta Blocks comes in the picture.

NFTs are rigid.

Meta Blocks makes NFTs upgradeable.

The current web3 NFT structure lacks upgradability, which means if you mint an NFT you’re either stuck with it or, if it has the capacity to change its metadata, then the original NFT is lost, as is the case with GenoPets. In such a case, there is no customization. Find out more about the two ways an NFT can be upgraded.

Customizable NFTs will act as the basis of all the multiverses in a metaverse and be your virtual identity.

There’s a huge market of youngsters who grew up using Bitmoji (an app with over 100 mil downloads on Android). For them, their virtual identity is far more important than their real identity. For them, Facebook’s Metaverse will be a dream come true where they can do much more with their virtual identities. However, soon they’ll realise that they don’t “own” their identity and they’re being tracked at every moment.

At that moment, the crypto world will welcome 100 million new users via the path of Meta Blocks. We’re here to build that future.

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