Looking for the upgradable avatars? Meta Blocks Avatars are now called 3moji.Learn more

Meta Blocks avatars are now called 3moji

Shivek Khurana 🍀
February 27, 2022


Meta Blocks upgradable avatar system is now called 3moji. Meta Blocks is now only a protocol for building composable NFTs.


Meta Blocks started in September 2021 as an upgradable avatars system. We thought that NFTs today don't have any utility post-mint. By upgrading NFTs, we could use them like a web3 avatar system. This web3 avatar system could replace Bitmoji and Memoji and let users "own" their avatars. Since NFTs hold real world value, anything your avatar wore would be actually valuable.

We realised that NFTs are the wrong level of abstraction to build apps on. Our goal was to add utility to NFTs, by making them easy to integrate in games, metaverses and apps.

When we got started, there was no easy way to compose NFTs. The Meta Blocks protocol allowed for upgradation of NFTs without burning or modifying them. We published the details of the protocol in an article Clay Bricks vs Legos. The article explained how our upgradable avatar system worked. The Meta Blocks protocol also had some other features that would help the app developer integrate NFTs into their applications.

After our post was published, many new and existing projects reached out to us, and asked if they could use the protocol to build their own avatar system. What we built for our project had the potential to be useful to the community in large.

In order to align our success with that of the broader Solana community, we have split our project into Meta Blocks and 3moji.

Meta Blocks is an open-source protocol and SDK to build composable NFTs. 3moji is web3 avatars app built on top of Meta Blocks.

Going forward, Meta Blocks will focus on developers, with upgradable NFTs being the flagship offering. 3moji will focus on the artistic side of things.

How does this affect you?

It doesn't. If you signed up for a drop on Meta Blocks site, we will automatically enroll you in 3moji drops. In order to stay updated, we recommend following 3moji on Twitter. If you joined the waitlist for Meta Blocks, we'll now notify you when 3moji launches.

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