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The Next Generation of NFTs

The Future of NFTs is Dynamic, Composable and Upgradeable

Sarthak Khurana 🔮
January 6, 2022

The NFT Craze of 2021 has turned the eyes of the world to NFTs and digital ownership. While 2021 was a successful cultural movement that brought the concept of digital ownership to mainstream media, the question is "What's next?"

The influx of PFP projects in the latter half of 2021 is a testament to the fact that "6900 Pictures of Sci-Fi Cats" isn't cutting it anymore. If you're a part of any NFT server on Discord, I'm sure you must receive dozens of DMs about an "exciting new project".

The "Mona Lisa(s)" and "The Last Supper(s)" of the NFT world have already made their mark in history, now we need to look forward.

What's the next generation of NFTs? What's the Future of NFTs?

NFTs have surged in popularity, but have largely remained static. Stephen Fluin of Chainlink Labs took the stage at the "Enter the Metaverse" conference to talk about the future of NFTs.

The next generation of NFTs, will be dynamic - flexible, adaptable, and capable of responding to external cues and data to level up their capabilities.

A few visionary projects are already making strides to make a shift from static to dynamic NFTs.

Dynamic NFTs and Upgradeable NFT Projects

Note: Meta Blocks is not affiliated to Async Art or Genopets in any way. This is only an opinion.

Async Art

Async Art is a platform for dynamic artworks

Async Art is one of the pioneers of dynamic artworks. Async Art's dynamic artworks are made out of multiple layers, each one being an ERC-721 token, that stack together to create a "master" image. An artist can create a sandbox for the community and the community comes together to express their creative vision in different layers.


Genopets is an exemplary P2E game where your NFT starts out as an egg and the more you walk, it evolves and buffs over multiple stages. Your real-life movements are converted into $KI tokens to use in battle, craft valuable items, and upgrade your Genopet’s style and performance. Augment NFTs can further customize the physical appearance of your Genopets.

The Problem

Genopets are dynamic NFTs, Async Art is both dynamic and composable. Unfortunately, both of them are one-way evolvable. This means while they can be upgraded, they can't be "broken down" to trade or reuse.

The Solution?

Note: Meta Blocks is not affiliated to Sol Army in any way. This is only an opinion.

The next generation of NFTs needs to be dynamic, upgradeable, composable, and malleable. SolSoldiers is the perfect example of such NFTs.

SolSoldiers Composability

Each soldier is made of many parts, that are assembled together, just like a toy soldier (G.I JOE style)

The Future of NFTs

The future generation of NFTs is dynamic, composable, and upgradeable. However, the few rare projects (including the ones that aren't mentioned above) that are working on upgradeable NFTs are using proprietary solutions to make their NFTs dynamic.

If every new project in the future has to build a proprietary to make their NFTs dynamic, it would be as if each generation of humanity had to rediscover the fire by themselves or each crypto project had to make its own chain. We'd be millenniums behind as a species!

The Meta Blocks upgrade standard is an open-source smart contract that can be used to upgrade NFTs without modifying or burning them.

If NFTs are clay brick structures, then Meta Blocks are legos that compose.

Rocket launching
At Meta Blocks, we are building the NFT upgradation protocol. Drop your details to get notified when we launch 💁🏼‍♀️
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