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Most careers page start with a list of perks and pictures of team members playing football on a beach. We are not there yet. This means that you will have to face hurdles and challenges that you might not face at a big company. This also means you will get a chance to shape our company up you see fit. It's like the famous Marshmallow Experiment. We are looking for people who are attracted to chaos and are capable of fighting it to create order.

What are we like?

We are hackers and try to hack all systems - marketing, human resources, product, sales and people ops. This makes us huge fans of cryptocurrencies, because crypto hacks state sovereignty. If you like pushing upto the edge, you will like working with us.

We are amazed by and rely on the open source community and do our best to payback in the form of blog posts, tutorials, libraries, and even full-fledged software. Working here would give you access to many brilliant developers and product minds.

We are deeply inspired by the principles of The Lean Startup, Slow Growth and Rework. Most of our communications (like investor updates, protocol design and product vision) are open.

Perks and benefits

  • A generous library and book budget. Read all you want to. We'd even buy you a Kindle if you prefer portability
  • Competitive salary and stock in the form of Meta Blocks tokens
  • Informal work environment with minimal hierarchy
  • Chance to be a founding member of a crypto project, option to get paid on crypto tokens
  • Anything else? Just ask. We might say no, but you have a no already if you don't ask
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