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3. Getting paid

Send your invoice (in PDF format only) to [email protected], latest by the 15th of each month.

Creating an invoice

Your invoice should include:

  • Your legal name and address as per your agreement
  • A unique invoice number
  • The date the invoice is issued
  • Payment due date (Invoices are due on the last day of the month)
  • Meta Blocks legal entity with which you have the services agreement
  • Description of the service rendered and/or reference to your agreement

If you need a template to send invoices, ping on the general channel.

Receiving crypto payments

We have an option for you to get paid in stable coins. We support payments on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Avax and Solana.

Part fiat and part crypto payments are also possible. Just break your total down into fiat and crypto parts. For example, if your salary is USD 6000, and you want 50% of that in crypto, mention the following in your invoice:

  • Design Services [fiat] ------ USD 3000
  • Design Services [crypto] ---- USDC 3000

If crypto remuneration is new for you, we highly recommend getting a hardware wallet (we generally buy it for you. Just ping us on the #general channel). If needed, watch some videos on how to setup a Ledger wallet.

Pro-rating the first month

For your first month (if being paid on an annual or monthly basis), please prorate the amount in your invoice to reflect the actual days worked divided by the effective working days of that month, if you joined during the course of a month:

Example: If March has 22 working days (counting Mon-Fri) and you started on a Monday, March 12th, your monthly invoice amount will be {your monthly fee amount}/22 x 15.

For each subsequent month, please bill the flat monthly or annual/12 figure (regardless of the vacation/time off you took).

Example: You joined Meta Blocks on April 13th. During May, you took 1 week of vacation. Your May invoice amount will be {your annual stipend amount}/12

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