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2. Onboarding process

We are happy to see you here 🤗. Joining a new company is a significant life event. We hope that this works out well.

Step 1: Join our team

Meta Blocks is a remote company. We don't have an office. Our team works over Discord, Video Calls, Github and a few other collaboration tools. If you have not already, join our Discord group and ping us to add you to the private channels. Ping on tech channel on Discord if you need to an invite to Github.

Step 2: Legal contracts

At Meta Blocks, all team mates work as contractors. This is required to onboard talent globally with the least amount of hassle. We set an annual rate of services, similar to a salary, with the difference that:

  1. you raise an invoice every month and
  2. you comply with your local tax systems

To set this in stone, we will sign a two documents: one to outline the services and the annual rate, and other to declare that you are responsible for paying your taxes. To draft the contract, we request you to send:

  • your legal name (your name or name of your company)
  • entity id (your passport or company registration certificate) and
  • a permanent address

The contracts are signed using PandaDoc. When the signing is complete, we will give you access to the signed documents for your future reference.

Step 3: Your Meta Blocks email

After signing the contracts, we will setup an email id for you. Please use this email id in case you need to purchase a service related to your work.

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