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3. Kyraa SDK

Kyraa SDK provides a developer friendly API for development on top of Meta Blocks protocol. The SDK is open-source.

Kyraa is a mono repo that consists of multiple utilities. The NFT upgradation SDK is a part of the kyraa/metablocks package.


You can use yarn or npm to install kyraa/metablocks in your project.

yarn add @kyraa/metablocks

Install peer dependancies

This package also relies on some other packages that you need to install to your project

yarn add  @metaplex-foundation/mpl-token-metadata @project-serum/anchor @solana/web3.js axios loglevel

Integration with React JS

Kyraa wraps the the Solana Wallet Adapter for easy usage with React JS. In order to use this wrapper, you can install the kyraa/solana package.

yarn add @kyraa/solana

Setup providers

You can wrap any component with the provider to access Solana wallet. You can also wrap your entire app once to make the provider available to all components.

// import providers
import { provider } from "@kyraa/solana";

const {SolanaProvider} = provider

// wrap your component
function Root() {
  return (<SolanaProvider network="devnet">
    <App />

The network prop can be one of devnet, testnet or mainnet-beta.

Use wallets and connections

The kyraa/solana package also exposes some hooks from the wallet adapter library.

// import hooks
import { hooks } from "@kyraa/solana";

const { useConnection, useWallet, useWalletModal } = hooks

// inside your component
function App() {
  const { wallet, publicKey, connect, connected, connecting } = useWallet();
  const { setVisible } = useWalletModal();
  const { connection } = useConnection();

  return (</>)

Show connection modal

In order to show the modal to connect to the wallet, you can call the setVisible function from the useWalletModal hook

<button onClick={() => setVisible(true)}>Connect</button>

With Kyraa SDK installed, you can start interacting with the on-chain programs.

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