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Social Media Manager

Full Time

Meta Blocks is an NFT Evolution Protocol that lets you build up your NFTs, buy accessories that you like and trade them on secondary marketplaces.

Meta Blocks creates customizable NFTs that will act as the basis and bridge between all the multiverses in a metaverse and be your virtual identity on web2.

3moji is an upgradeable and composable NFT avatar project system where users will be able to customize and upgrade their avatar over time. 3moji built on and by Meta Blocks protocol.


  • Educate the NFT community on the subject of upgradeable NFTs
  • Develop and maintain a marketing content calendar
  • Create consistent, meaningful and engaging content on Twitter
  • Write SEO blog posts for key events
  • Mirror and adapt content from Twitter to other social platforms
  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for each campaign
  • Monitor similar topics and engage with other accounts
  • Organize Twitter Spaces with other mainstream projects and influencers


  • Minimum 3 years of proven experience in social media marketing and at least 1 year of experience in Crypto and NFT space
  • Proven experience of growth hacking and running successful campaigns
  • Working knowledge of design tools
  • Bonus: Own an NFT

Perks and benefits

  • A generous library and book budget. Read all you want to. We'd even buy you a Kindle if you prefer portability
  • Competitive salary and stock in the form of Meta Blocks tokens
  • Informal work environment with minimal hierarchy
  • Chance to be a founding member of a crypto project, option to get paid on crypto tokens
  • Anything else? Just ask. We might say no, but you have a no already if you don't ask
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